The late, great American scholar Joseph Campbell once noted a narrative pattern reoccurring in all great stories. He labelled his findings, A Hero’s Journey.

The protagonist is born into a world not of his choosing. When adventure calls, he must follow his vision. Along the way he will meet allies and enemies before securing his treasure. But the story doesn’t end there, he must endure more danger!

Trials, tribulations and greater tests await. To overcome his hardship, he must rewrite his fate.

Paul Klebanov is a shining example of the hero and the journey. A rags to riches story that is both inspiring and transformative.


Scan Jun 19, 2016, 5.54 PMFive year old Paul Klebanov immigrated to the United States in the winter of 1992, son of a salt-of-the-earth hardware engineer turned home remodeller from Minsk, Belarus.


Inked to memory was the image of his father spending his last change on a classic American hotdog. The symbolism of this singular gift would remain with Paul forever.




Not long after settling in Philadelphia, Paul caught the entrepreneurial bug quick, selling sandwiches to school friends and making $350.00 a week. When he grew bored of bread and butter, Paul flogged software and games to teachers. But the Rabbi overlooked his savvy and branded him a “loser.”

In 8th grade, after fellow pupils attended their Bar Mitzvahs, Paul won their Star of David necklaces during tournaments of poker. Angry Mom’s would phone his house demanding to know where their diamonds had gone. “Too late,” Paul told them, “I profited by trading them!”

At age 14, he began developing websites for grassroots startups and local businesses, cultivating his entrepreneurial dreams and forgetting his schoolwork. The difference between Paul and a regular coder and designer? Identifying and then honoring his client’s core desire. Whilst beautiful aesthetics were a must for every webpage, Paul knew that converting interest to sales was the ultimate gateway.

Soon dentists, florists and wedding photographers were knocking on his door. Paul Klebanov - teen savant - was brining in the dollars! Delivering easy to navigate websites that engaged the audience and made them linger, Paul transitioned from local web designer to direct response marketer!


In 2008, when his father lost his business during the dark days of the Global Financial Crisis, Paul took up a full time job working as a Web Developer. In 2009, he made the leap to a more diverse and responsible role but ended up tearing his hair out as his career frustration grew.

In charge of running important advertising campaigns, Paul’s colleagues refused to consider profit as a brand’s ultimate end game. Creatives were more interested in making things looks pretty than generating money. Paul knew he was trapped in a world that wasn’t functional or responsive.

Stuck in the 9 to 5, marked by disillusion, his teenage dreams of earning big were rapidly disappearing.


Paul cast out on his own and ditched his stale day job. He knew he held a key that would unlock the door to the universe!

In 2010, this budding business sage launched a trailblazing company based on his three P hypothesis. You can build a multi-million dollar income if you master Product, Placement, Promotion.


decorify.comGenerating millions of dollars online and becoming one of the youngest people to build a leading American e-commerce retailer (PPL Stores LLC), Paul relaxed a little and enjoyed the fruits of his labor. He’d achieved a major dream under the age of 30, but he was generating money too quick and had structured accounts incorrectly.

Despite the ingenuity behind Product, Placement, Promotion, Paul failed to look into the mechanics of his business and scrutinize the banking!


Placed on a merchant’s termination list, Paul felt life was over. He battled mounting legal costs and processing fees that ate up his remaining profit. Soon he was forced to sacrifice his dream and return to the hamster wheel of every day. A bitter pill to swallow after a life changing experience.



Today, Paul Klebanov is a product evangelist and marketing consultant at – the world's leading competitive research service for online marketing.


Paul-Klebanov-Black-Logo-260-50What’s more, he’s starting over with where he teaches new businesses and budding entrepreneurs where not to go wrong!


With the smarts and vision that he’s utilized since first arriving in America, Paul is showing other bright sparks how to blossom with intelligence.

Every day he helps clients overcome fear and pursue their dreams, scrutinize the banking and master direct marketing.



Offering his audience an array of cutting edge services, Paul delivers speeches, training programs, sales insight, social media strategy, SEO expertise and motivational reading materials.

His ability to engage, inspire and address the pitfalls and wins of business with pure candor, makes Paul a favorite personality in the advice and education arena.

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